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TIPs and TRICKS of game

Tips and Tricks:

How to play the dice games(liar dices)


How to play the dice games

China’s famous drinking game. Due to China’s growing middle class and the ubiquity of this game across China – could this be the most played drinking game in the world?

The amount of players can vary but at least two are needed. Two players is the purest form of the game and also the toughest (read: you get the drunkest and it requires more cunning). You can have up to… a whole bunch. It’s a drinking game. I think we played with eight or nine once. (We had some house rules to make the game more interesting in big groups).

This game is available in almost every bar I went to (many). Further, you can get cups and dice from almost any convenience store for your own home and travel use.

You will need:

5 small dice for each player
1 solid (not-see-through) cup large enough to fit 5 dice.

Goal of the game:

1. Be falsely accused of lying (forcing the accuser to drink) or successfully accuse someone else (forcing them to drink).
2. Make everyone around you drink more.

Game play:

One player starts (usually the player most eager to begin the game) by loudly rattling their dice in their cup upside down. Other players begin to follow suit after recognizing the round is beginning. The first player peeks at her dice under the cup(without letting anyone see them) to see how many of each number she has. The player then makes a bid.

The bid is the player’s best guess as to how many dice of a certain number are represented under ALL of the cups combined.

Ex: If there are 3 players (15 dice total) and I have 4 fives under my cup, I might bid 7 fives.

The next player (to her left) then chooses to bid higher or call bullshit. A higher bid must be EITHER a bid of the same amount of a higher number dice (ex 7 sixes) or a larger amount of dice of any number (ex 8 twos).

In this way, the bids become more and more unlikely until someone gets called out and everything starts all over again.

Ex. The second player, if he has 4 fives also (unlikely but it happens) might choose to raise the bid to 9 fives.

Ex. The third player then has the choice to raise the bid further or call bullshit. And on it goes.

A player must call bullshit before the following bid.

If they do call bullshit, (indicated by casually raising your cup or dramatically throwing your cup in the air with a flourish) all players lift their cups to reveal their dice and the dice are counted. In the event that the challenger was wrong – they drink. In the event that the bidder was wrong – the bidder drinks.

Simple? Too bad.


Dice two to six behave normally. They are just numbers and are ranked in order. The ones, however, are WILD and can count as any number.


If a player bids an amount of ones, ones cease to be wild. This is a gambit that adds yet another level of trickiness. Additionally, in terms of bids, ones are considered higher than sixes.

EX. A bid of 3 ones is considered higher than a bid of 3 sixes.

That’s the game.

Alterate Rules:

“Losers Lose”

Some people play that every time you’re wrong and are forced to drink, you also lose a die. This gives the game a natural timeline and also gives players less control of the game as the time passes.

This does add a level of competition because there is a clear ‘score’ in each match and players who have fewer dice are less likely to enjoy themselves as time passes.

The is another system where players sets the rules as the below.

(View Once Only Play) It means the players whoever you played with can only view the dices once only. If you forget the dices you may view again only if you drink the drinks. So no matter what happens, even you totally forget the dices that you had. You must display that you remembered. Or the best actor or actress wins the games. I know friends that are king of this game. They specialize in this game and survive the drinking sessions which all the KTV gals all dead drunk within the room. But do take note that there are players that knows how to change the dices without your knowledge. Its cheating. How to watch if the person is cheating? It take experienced, but one tips that i can share is. Watch the last small fingers if its outside the dice container or its disappeared to somewhere.If the fingers cannot be seen, the likelihood of the player cheating is very very high.



In a perfect world everyone would be able to take 2 months vacation from their regular lives in order to travel. My recommendation to everyone who reads this is to do just that. My recent trip was to China and it was one of the most incredible adventures of my life. The night entertainment and beautiful hotels only added to the wonderful culture and fantastic food.

At first, I was very nervous about traveling through a country the size of China by myself but quickly learned that the hardest part of it all was the language barrier. As I entered the areas that are known for tourism I found more and more restaurants and hotels where the staff was able to speak very well. I found that the Dongguan hotels had great staff and helped me plan out my travels while I was passing through.

My budget was moderate so I made sure to save where I could and the deals on the hotels helped that situation quite a bit. Food is affordable and top quality and I did visit the occasional fancy restaurant but that is part of a great vacation. The night life entertainment in China is also at the top of my list which I was not expecting at all.

With so many sites to see, I am amazed that I was able to do everything that I wanted to do and witnessed historic places and buildings. I met incredible people along the way as well as a few other tourists which was also great. This trip will not be my last to China and I hope that more and more people get to see it with their own eyes. On a vacation we can create our own perfect world whether we are with friends or all alone. Try something different and out of your comfort zone and find true joy!


First Time and Great Experience in Dalian

Most of us people enjoy having a night life together with our friends, families and relatives. Having fun sometimes makes us forgot our problems. In China there were lots of nightclubs, one of it is Dalian. It is one of the favorite centers of nightlife in China were all people can enjoy. All of these were all pretty good and very cheap. Many people go there because you don’t have to pay for the entrance, only the drinks that you ordered will have to be pay. This is a perfect place for me to hang out every night, a good place where I can relax my mind. Some people choose bar and clubs for their hangouts. It was my first time when I go there with my friends because it was my friend’s birthday, so we got a party. I’m not the kind of person that usually go night out with friends or shall we say it was my first and great experience. Their foods was tasteful, I really like it the seafood, it was good and cheap. The people there was nice and friendly you felt that your safe in their place even if its night. I also love their drinks, the cocktail my favorite even if it was a little bit expensive. It is expensive because some of their drinks are imported. We did bowling there it was fun, nice experience. They also had KTV bars I was amazed by their big flat screen TV it was very big, they had a modern facilities there and well maintained. In Dalian you can enjoy cart racing with your friends. Tourist people’s best choice is cart racing, they totally enjoy playing this. Based on my experience, I can say that Dalian is also a good place to live, to work and to study.