When arriving in China, finding the right hotel in a great location is really not that hard. With so many choices it is fair to say that a first time traveller should do some research, pick a hotel and location, then book it ahead of time to be able to make plans and find activities near by. Hotels and vacations are two words that simply go together but often times hotels are full of business men and women who seek reasonable prices and comfortable lodging.

Shenzhen Hotel

Rates may vary in certain areas especially when festivals are taking place such as the Canton Fair. It is important to plan in advance to find out what will be happening in the area that you choose to stay. For example it would be very difficult to choose a Shenzhen Hotel considering there are over 1600 hotels that are available. For a traveler who has been around China and knows exactly what they want, whether it be great nights out on the town or a get away just to relax would have no problem deciding on where to stay.

Guangzhou Hotel

Entertainment in the surrounding area of the hotel that you choose can play a large role in your final decision. Staying in a Guangzhou Hotel is the perfect location and tends to be travellers favourite with the restaurants and of course the nightlife. The average man or woman prefer to spend 30 percent or less on accommodations and 70 percent on dining and entertainment, a Guangzhou Hotel fits into that category and might just be the place for you!

Dongguan Hotels

If you are searching for 5 star dining while on vacation, Dongguan Hotels serve incredible buffets at extremely affordable prices. The city itself is very accessible in terms of transportation and travelling throughout China. The locals are very friendly with plenty of young and lively crowds filling up the night scene.

Great and Memorable Experience in Changping

Changping is one of the most visited places in China. A lot of people travel here to experience the beauty of Changping. It is a luxurious hotel and it has many offers to every costumer at the same time it is affordable. It was my first time to visit in Changping, and I was amazed of what I’ve seen. They welcome and entertain me very well. The staff looks great because of their uniform while wearing their beautiful smiles. As I looked around, I saw many nice views. People were busy doing of what they want like swimming on the pool, eating in the restaurants, and taking pictures outside and others. When I go upstairs, I found my room that it was very big and clean. While entering my room, the smell was good and the wall was fully furnished. Their room is a place where you feel relaxed and comfortable. A place where you can turn back and say that it feels you’re at home. The facilities were up to date and all were brand new. Their bathrooms were very big, and they had complete things that are used in taking a bath. Even if I am on my room, I can saw the beautiful view outside. The pool outside was very wide and clean. Children had fun swimming on the pool as well as their parents. When I enter to take my breakfast, I’ve seen the great smile of the staffs while serving our food. I like their food, it’s so delicious. The service on the food was fast and complete. Like other big hotels, they also had restaurant, bar, fitness centre, game room, spa, children’s playground and many more. You can also enjoy surfing net because they had a free wifi. Staying here in Changping is considered as my great and memorable experience.